Thanks y’all!

The Canadian Bacon is a 3-week road trip in April – May 2015 around the Great Lakes starting and ending in Chicago. This is a thank you note to everyone I met along the way.

Those twenty days moved me both literally and figuratively. You made the fast-paced road trip around the Great Lakes worth the thousands of miles. The miles I can quantify, over 4 300 in total, but not the experiences I had along the way.

We had only seen each other briefly before. Our previous encounter probably only lasted as long as a firm handshake in a conference room of a 5-star downtown Cleveland hotel. Spending nights at your inflatable, self-uninflating air mattress is an upgrade. Sampling vegetarian Indian food at another downtown Cleveland hotel is a happy Déjà vu.


Waking up 3 minutes before the sunrise (6:32 a.m.) to immortalize it over the lake is the perfect morning. Assembling a Costco bicycle is a vacation adventure. Trying to keep up on a trampoline with a five-year old girl is enough exercise for three weeks.

I’m looking forward to our next chance to meet. But promise me that we will spend more time together. Because it was the best of times.

Thank you, Maureen.

Thank you all.

P.S. Because “English is not my native language” I would like to ask you to help me by suggesting improvements to the text in the comments section below.

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