GTA V impressions (no spoilers)

I can easily write my first impressions without going into the plot of the game. It suffices to say that the story is very engaging and I would love to see more games with similar depth in the future.

I play the game on Xbox 360 and 40″ LCD TV. I also play PUBG on my TV with pubg hacks.  I’m not the kind of guy who would stand around and look at the scenery in a game but I recognize when my surroundings are beautifully detailed. 

Probably one of the most striking new aspects in the game is how the player needs to switch between characters during and between missions. It is brilliant. I recently finished GTA IV: The Lost and Damned where some characters appeared from the original GTA IV and Ballad of Gay Tony DLC but I was left wanting to interact more between the characters. Switching adds more perspectives to the story and the mission at hand. The ability to switch makes the gameplay more immerse when more things happen at the same time.

Some of the great things in GTA V

  • Driving small country roads up the hill or speeding in the city traffic is no longer possible without using breaks. Sounds annoying compared to previous games but the driving mechanics are actually very much improved and it’s a pleasure cruising around the state. Although, I do prefer using an airplane for longer distances.
  • The idea of switching characters is excellent and it works surprisingly well. I have not run into any trouble because of the switching. It’s been made easy enough to switch even when being shot at.
  • Mission system allows the missions to be replayed. Perhaps I will find perfecting the robberies fun after a while but first I will most likely finish the story.
  • Shooting range is actually fun even though I hate shooting with a controller.

I’ve loved the game so far and after 30% of the story finished, I can’t find anything negative to comment. I am driven by the story in the game and tend to spend most of my time advancing the story instead of doing side activities. I feel like missing a big chunk of the game by focusing on the story. The side activities are fun but there’s no bigger meaning behind them for me. I’m slightly afraid that there is only a very limited number of heists in the story and that there is no possibility of finding new heists after the story is done but that remains to be seen.

Enjoy the game by watching  streams at Twitch if you haven’t purchased a copy yet.